Educator Bulk Discount

Low as $.25

(a quarter!)

ABSURDLY low price.

Why? To get kids up out of their chairs, playing and thinking. How? Making our paper planes affordable for all kids.

It makes sense that Teachers will need to be handling and flying their planes even more than kids, right? So, teachers should have our most durable planes, shouldn’t they. Our Paper Tyger planes are tear-proof and water-resistant. They’ll last a lifetime.

Our super-low “Bulk” prices for paper planes are offset by adding our more durable planes for teachers at our low, regular retail. Five paper planes, at super-low Bulk price of a quarter each, for every one Paper Tyger plane at regular price. That’s fair, a great bargain, and a whole lot of fun and learning to come! Here, below are our Bulk offers:

*Bulk 50 price for bulk planes is $.50 each. All others at $.25.

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