MAKER TOYS makes Flying Fun! And learning how things fly just goes with it. Our toys not only fly great, they come with explanations of how they fly. Our partnership with NASA has resulted in two great CDs you can use yourself and learn on your own. NASA made this information for teachers of grades 5 through 8, as resource material. We made it easy to use and easy to find the most fun, interesting parts. You can spend literally DAYS using it and learning; while taking time to fly our Pocket Planes and boomerangs for a “PE” Break. (that’s short for Physical Education, btw)

This year (2017) we moved manufacture from USA to Philippines; dropping prices dramatically; for ALL kids to have fun and enjoy our products.

We are affiliated with Aviation educators at all levels, several associations will be using our materials worldwide. We hope you’ll join us in having fun learning, getting exercise and sharing the fun we love to have! Contact us anytime, about anything- we’d love to hear from you-)

Bill Maecker

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