for things Maecker made.

You can get them here, online; at home in your jammies or from your cell; anywhere in the world, anytime, delivered to your door.

Who is Maecker you ask? I am William A. Maecker, son of Art Maecker; descendant of 1,500 years of Makers originally spelled Makar with umlauts in old German.

Does a name matter, you ask? Well; of course the name came from somewhere; something; someone.  My family has been makers all those years; my father was lead man in lofting departments for aircraft, then lead tool engineer; now I, partner with NASA, make toys that fly with unique aerodynamics; have designed tool concepts and toy concepts being used by toy and tool makers worldwide; and now bringing my toys worldwide to all kids, rich and poor. I am a Maecker.

So; does a name matter? Sure it does.

Am I a “Maker” like makers in the “MAKER MOVEMENT”? well; that depends; on them. Are they really makers? standing behind what they make? Improving their products? Making sure their name is attached to a high quality product and process? Then, they are Makers too.

Otherwise; they could be, like the millions of people and kids out there, thinking they are makers just because they “made” something. That, my friends, is an inventor; making the first one. A true Maker continues to make his product ’til he can back it up with his word, and the product performs as promised.

You have my word on my products. I am, a Maecker.

I stand behind everything offered here. I hope you like them!



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