AERO SPORT Pocket Plane


Like to hike? Run in sand? Climb to new heights?

Always have an Aero Sport Pocket Plane with you, cuz there might be a flight you couldn’t do anywhere else!




Good times


Take an Aero Sport Pocket Plane along for the ride! Soar to new heights; new experiences; good times to be had by all! (be ready to climb trees and mountains to get your plane back…) All our Pocket Planes fold flat and fit neatly into your pocket or backpack to go for the ride!

Use Outdoors

No fear of moisture in rain, puddles, lakes, rivers, streams, pools or  oceans.

Longer Flights

Hand launch, fly higher than some trees, fly in a breeze or hurricane.


Fly high as you can throw; AERO SPORTS can take it, again and again.

Plastic vs. Paper

Strong enough for daily use under extreme conditions.

Aero Sport Video

A one minute video on Aero Sport Outdoor Pocket Planes.

Better outdoors than in, these planes are heavier  and more durable than our Paper Pocket Planes- (which also fly great outdoors, too btw)

You’ll be amazed at how you can make it fly! Having a fast friend to catch it, is even more fun!

three SPORT versions
Clear Acetate

Clear Acetate

Awesomely cool.

We’re proud to offer these super-cool lookin’,  great flyin’, flying instruments.

Made to last a lifetime; and to land at top of trees. Get ready to climb. Made of “Acetate”, (which is basically trees), cellulose fibres made into a super-cool, crystal clear plastic that makes our planes great(er). 

Available NOW! at


Phenomenally cool.

These Aero Sport planes made of water-resistant paper that’s designed for maps and charts for treks into wilderness. 

They stand up to weather nearly as well as our all-plastic planes; and fly just as well. Called “PAPER TYGER”, it’s extremely expensive stuff, Made in USA.

Available NOW! at

silvered mylar

Amazingly cool.

You may agree, this is the most sophisticated piece of “planar sheet material” ever made.

These planes show lines that took thirty-three years to make simple. And they fly great, too.

Available March, 2018 (coming soon)

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